Focus on collaboration

Specifically, the company asked us for an integrated system for the Digitisation of the Deposit of Intellectual Works and the Digitisation of the Digital Mandate Contract

The overall request was for the development of application services for the digitisation of existing business processes, the object of the collaboration was focused on NEOS: the management software used for the collection of rights of works and user licences.

Our approach

Our technological assets in the service of innovation

On different modules of our cloud-based platform and in particular saw the application of:


With Machine Learning and Big Data technology, and data analytics tools, to make the entire rights management process more effective, transparent and rapid.


Module based on Blockchain technology thanks to which certification will benefit from the highest levels of security.


Module with which web user engagement can be optimised by simplifying the tasks of mandating and uploading content.


The most innovative Cloud and Cybersecurity technologies, to give the entire project flexibility and scalability within a robust and secure information protection infrastructure

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Our solution

Digitisation of the Deposit of Intellectual Works – Digitisation of the Digital Mandate Contract

Our contribution to the final job output enabled the design and development of the infrastructure and security part of the solution, through three consecutive work steps




That have produced concrete solutions such as:

Access Portal



Benefit achieved

Digitalisation to achieve efficiency

The collaboration allowed ITSRIGHT to digitise its core business, enabling the company board to be able to oversee the entire process, with enormous advantages in terms of saving management time while implementing a robust and secure infrastructure.

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