Agritech is a project funded by the European Union (NextGeneration EU) and
by the MUR (Ministry of University and Research)

Research focus

Agritech – National Research Center for Technology in Agriculture aims to ensure sustainable agri-food production with the aim of promoting adaptation to climate change, reducing environmental impact, developing marginal areas, safety, traceability and typicality of the supply chains.

Project entities

Relatech contributes to the AGRITECH project within a consortium of Made in Italy excellence involving 28 Universities, 5 research centers and 18 expert companies in the agrifood sector with proven skills in research and development, and with high expertise in innovative digital technologies such as case of Relatech. The project, which began in 2022, is still ongoing.

Project spokes

The project is organized into nine project strands (called Spokes) based on five strategic objectives: Resilience, Low Impact, Circularity, Recovery and Traceability, to redefine the most appropriate approaches for efficiency and sustainability in agriculture and forestry.

Relatech is committed to Spoke 4 and Spoke 6 with the following objectives:

Spoke 4

Multifunctional and resilient agricultural and forestry systems for the mitigation of climate change risks: prototyping of advanced digital environments and development of data analysis systems for agriculture and forest management based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics techniques.

agritech spoke6

Spoke 6

Management models to promote the sustainability and resilience of agricultural production systems: Workflow Management Systems and Decision Support Systems for the modeling and analysis of farm processes to improve crop efficiency and prototyping of collaborative tools to foster the connection of new agricultural solutions to the agro-food industry.

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