Why choose ReCloud Cloud Computing services?

These are Cloud services for businesses delivered via proprietary technical infrastructures, hosted at Enterprise level Data Centres, with the highest quality and security standards.

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The numbers of our Data Centres

Data Centre Location

and Rome


ISO 27001



Warranty of Scalability

Huge 8-hectare plot of land with a project enabling the construction of 10 stand-alone Data Centres, totalling 21,000 m2 of IT space.

Modular design of the highest quality

2,250 m2 of net IT space, divided into 2 floors.
8 IT rooms, each 260 m2.
Building divided into 2 independent and separate blocks; each technical function is isolated in a dedicated room.
Office (116 m2) and storage areas (128 m2) are available in each building.

Complete absence of risk


Maximum reliability

Data Centre T4.
No service interruption in its history.
Guaranteed maximum downtime 4 minutes per year (less than 1 sec per day).

Managed Cloud Service RECLOUD: Not just a Cloud

Our cloud services are distinguished by some specific features:

Hubryd Cloud

We adapt the infrastructure to your company’s needs

Centrally managed, configurable, and scalable LaaS cloud infrastructure based on the latest generation of hyperconverged technologies.

Cloud Backup

We protect your company’s operations

Cloud backup service for saving data on virtual machines.

Object Storage

We secure your data in a manner and timeframe determined by you

Massive data storage service with guaranteed immutability and selectable retention times.

Security Services

Our rule? Data security is never excessive

Additional security services, such as dedicated firewalls or VPNs to handle specific needs.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud

We secure your data, according to your storage logic

Replication service of the entire corporate production environment in the Cloud in order to protect it from any adverse event.

What is your innovative project?

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The ReCloud approach: how we work

Focus on customer needs and expectations

Definition of migration plan

Technical and economic proposal

Possibility of evaluating services through POC (Trial period)

Starting the implementation and testing process

ReCloud: our added value

Because ReCloud is a matter of conscious choice:

100% Made in Italy

Choose Data Centres located throughout the country.

Measurable reliability

Certified annual downtime of less than 4 minutes.


Proposes the latest generation of hyperconvergence technologies.


Every part of the service can be customised: SLA, network and connections, security, and storage components.


 The customer's needs are our only driver; we have complete control over the process.

What is your innovative project?

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