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Define and implement an integrated platform dedicated to the identification, prevention, management and treatment of the geriatric ‘frailty’ syndrome, i.e. the increased exposure to vulnerability to disease, infection and cognitive decline.

The platform is based on the identification of metrics capable of:

Better understanding the correlation between frailty and co-morbidity

Identifying qualitative and quantitative indices useful for predicting outcomes, primarily cognitive and functional impairment in the short to long term

Estimating the risk of a possible transition to fragility status

Defining preventive, customised intervention strategies for frailty risk mitigation through evidence-based recommendations

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Solution found

Development of a Virtual Patient Model for the implementation of processes and pathways for personalised patient monitoring and care (tailored care pathway)

Internet of Things platform based on mobile and Cloud technologies, featuring an Artificial Intelligence engine (Multi-Instance Learning (MIL)) for the early diagnosis of risks associated with frailty. The platform integrates tools for acquiring data of varying quality. Of great importance in the solution’s economy is the presence of minimally intrusive wearables and cognitive serious games played from mobile devices.

Advanced technological solution

FrailCare saw the development of tools necessary for the:

Wearables, for monitoring biometric parameters

Games for cognitive assessment

Decision Support System, part of the frailty risk assessment platform, for generating alerts


Digital Suite (eCRF) for patient management

Indoor and outdoor monitoring systems based on sensors and mobile devices

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