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Creating an integrated and customised shopping experience through an innovative prototype e-commerce platform capable of linking customer experience technologies, rapid prototyping, big data analysis, and recommendation.

(MiISE Horizon 2020- PON 2014-2020).

Solution found

Innovative social eCommerce platform using recommendation systems based on multivariate clustering of user reviews, performed by analysing the texts using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, sentiment analysis and influence propagation.

This solution improves customer engagement and satisfaction by providing the user with more engaging recommendations as they are based on the experiences of other users linked through the social component.

It allows brands to target new market choices based on information that is not intuitive and not immediately available from purely commercial data.

Advanced technological solution

Recommendation component based on the analysis of user reviews. The implementation of such a solution can answer questions such as:

Which products to sponsor?

Which ones to discount?

Which new products to request?

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