Energy & Utilities

Startup active in the retail e-market and the provision of direct services such as energy and gas.

Focus on collaboration

Our Group was chosen as the technology partner for the entire project

The company had embarked on a major digital evolution project, within which the specific request for the development of an e-commerce platform with a particular focus on blockchain technology was realised.

Our approach

The proposed solution was also delivered and managed on Relatech Cloud and continuously protected through the Group’s cybersecurity technologies and expertise

The procedural approach undertaken took substance from our digital platform RePlatform as it features state-of-the-art technology components such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, and interactive touchpoints for the creation of a multi-channel and innovative customer experience.

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Our solution

Fostering relationships to generate shared value

The project took the form of the development of a new Digital e-Commerce Platform with a related Mobile App, called Rocket Sharing, and aims to enhance the innovative Marketplace by connecting, also through blockchain technology:

All Rocket corporate partners and affiliates

End consumers

Exclusive offers reserved for the community

Benefit achieved

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

The creation of a digital platform that can easily match supply and demand between companies and consumers, recognising immediate benefits with every purchase made.

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