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Customised Experience

Did you know that…

A survey we conducted shows that:

95% of the companies surveyed collect master data on their customers

Only 33% customise the content of their communications according to identified customised audiences

Inefficient management of after-sales process steps by companies is one of the main causes of customer loss.

How to solve?

Thanks to an omnichannel customer engagement platform, which, through the complete presidium of the different touchpoints (physical and online), is capable of developing a path from analysis to implementation. This process involves 3 fundamental steps:

Collect brand interaction flow data

Analyse information in depth

Activate personalised and effective relationships

How does it work?

ReZone is a digital customer engagement solution designed to monitor and deepen your customers’ buying behaviour at corporate touchpoints.

A single point where you can collect various sources of sensing data (W1-FI, mobile, ecommerce, CRM) to address everything in a single view of your ‘indoor’ and virtual environment.

Thanks to the ReZone platform, you will be able to obtain key data for your marketing plan:

For the virtual world

  • Web/ mobile/ e-commerce pages visited
  • Type of products/services observed or previously purchased
  • Written or annotated reviews

For the physical world

  • Time spent in a given area, shops visited, visit booking and click&collect

ReZone links your customer information flow with your company’s aggregated data to keep your customer profile constantly and automatically updated.

Through this process you can target customised content to profiled customer clusters, depending on the ‘customer journey’ step they are in.

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The concrete value of the ReZone solution

The shopping experience becomes a process designed to impress the user at every contact opportunity, where the online and offline dimensions merge to generate value.

Online shopping experience

The customer can browse and choose the desired products conveniently from the portal

The user, within the platform, will have a personal space, a noticeboard of purchasing suggestions as well as an interactive virtual assistant always at hand (who knows the consumption habits of the logged-in customer and can give personalised advice)

Platform Product Presentation

The creation of a simple, immediate and intuitive product catalogue, where technology allows added value to be attributed to each individual reference.

The platform proposes truly innovative ways of presenting articles.

Augmented reality

The customer will be able to observe the selected items as if they were placed in their home environment.

3D products

Each product can be viewed by the user from different angles with size feedback.

3D Configurator

The visitor to the portal will be able to change colours, details and configurations on 3D models for each article in the shop.

Web Portal And Physical Point Of Sale Interaction

The customer will be able to book an appointment, at the point of sale closest to his or her home, to try out/display the product selected on the web platform

You will receive a confirmation notification of a successful booking

The shop assistant will thus be constantly updated and prepared for customer reception

Physical Point of Sale


When the customer approaches the point of sale, he or she will receive a notification about the logistical details of the scheduled appointment at the shop

The assistant at the point of sale will receive a notification anticipating the customer's arrival, reminding them of the products to prepare for the appointment

In the shop vicinity, an indoor navigation path will be activated for the customer to comfortably accompany him/her to the shop location

Customer input

Through this monitored route, the point-of-sale clerk will be provided with essential information to:

Better organise the appointment with the customer in the shop

Know purchasing habits by consulting previous transactions

Document purchasing habits by providing targeted and timely advice

The added value

The adoption of ReZone as an innovative driver for the implementation or optimisation of the customer experience, denotes tangible benefits such as:

Deeper knowledge of customers’ habits

Increased registrations on app and website (digital touchpoints)

Increased effectiveness of loyalty programmes undertaken

Empirical measurement of results in terms of ROI

Churn rate reduction

Solid and lasting engagement opportunities

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