Core Business

DtoK Lab bases its activities on solving a primary need: companies and institutions feel the need to efficiently analyse huge amounts of data collected within their data centers or cloud.

DtoK Lab develops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems for data analysis applications, provides customised consulting in this field, and implements high-performance data analysis in emerging areas such as social media, trajectory mining, sentiment analysis and data journalism.

DtoK & Relatech

DtoK Lab stands as the group’s benchmark for Cloud solutions and Big DATA analysis.



Scalable Data Analytics

Development of a platform for data acquisition and processing, with a focus on predictive analysis.

Through the design and development of:

  • – New parallel data classification algorithms
  • – Decentralised scheduling mechanisms on Cloud platforms

A Cloud service that uses advanced algorithms to predict sales volumes by analysing factors that have influenced past sales.


Social Media Analyzer Toolkit

Development of a software platform (SMART) offering innovative social data analysis services, with a focus on trajectory mining and sentiment analysis

Community Lab

Understanding and making collective data-driven decisions

Development of a platform that adopts an innovative, strongly data-driven approach to support the involvement of all civil society actors in decision-making processes, the formulation of community ideas and projects, the informed animation of discussions and workshops, and the analysis of scenarios of interest.

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