ReSOC is our Group’s Security Operation Centre, equipped with a control room at the highest security level, offering information security services such as:


Managed Detection and Response, IT infrastructure protection services to secure all strategic areas of your business. (security assessment)


Endpoint Detection and Response, tools to protect all devices through different technologies that detect and intercept malicious behaviour or attacks. (vulnerability assessment and penetration testing)

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Why choose ReSOC

ReSOC is the ideal managed Cyber Security solution for companies, institutions, and public administration


Managed Detection and Response

Defence strategy

Different levels for all-round protection

The perimeter and the network of all Linux, Windows, and Mac hosts.

Mobile devices (Android, iOS)

IoT devices (building and industrial sensors)

Data and applications


Flexible and scalable services:

Monitoring is active 24 hours a day 7/7

Protection from advanced threats and attacks

Protection from behavioural threats

Bait management (Honeypot)

Incident management (IR)

Personal alarm management

Display Dashboard


Endpoint Detection and Response



Availability of all the tools for maximum security:


Network Device Inventory

Network Management

Endpoint Management


Ticket Management

ReSOC areas of intervention

Monitoring of active services

Centralised security operations management

Coordination of incident response activities

Reducing manual intervention through innovative technologies (ex. SOAR)

Provision of customisable service levels (SLAs)

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ReSOC the operations centre

Latest generation control room

The operational headquarters is equipped with perimeter protections that secure access for authorised persons. The management of the Control Room is covered by a Disaster Recovery plan that guarantees the provision of services even in extreme conditions.

Service Level Agreement Default

Active monitoring h24 7/7.
Support channel through ticket opening.
Management of alerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Intervention within 120 minutes.
Escalation within 6 hours.
Incident Response within 12 hours.
Automatic remediation for known threats.
Monthly report on alerts received and handled.

Service Level Agreement Enterprise

A support channel via a dedicated portal.
A 24/7 hotline for reporting faults.
Customised reporting sent on a weekly or daily basis.

Highly qualified staff

Employees with specific cybersecurity certificates to provide a high level of understanding of events.
Daily analysis meetings to prevent any anomaly being recorded.


ISO27001:2017 certifications.
Certification with annual review by Certiquality for more than 10 years.
In-house R&D activities with an academic ecosystem on cybersecurity issues to anticipate market trends.

ReSOC: our added value
An ecosystem of IT security services for companies, capable of harmonising skills and technologies, guaranteeing the absolute protection of your data.


Comply with stringent criteria in terms of:


Active in 48/72H.


A customised defence strategy is derived from the combination of different services.


Advanced technology for maximum safety.


High professional skills within a high security logistics environment.


Proactive interventions to ensure the business continuity of your activity.


Counteracts all intrusion attempts, intercepts any suspicious signals.

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