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Focus on collaboration

Strengthening and enhancing the relationship between patient and pharmacist

APOTECA Natura required a solution capable of enhancing the role of the pharmacist by providing them with data collection tools and information management systems to help them gain a deeper understanding of their patients’ needs and behaviour.

The objective for the company was twofold:

Mapping and understanding patients' needs

To increase the pharmacist’s professionalism so that they could become a reliable and competent advisor.

Our approach

Analysis, Understanding, Proposal

Following the usual ASSESSEMENT phase, we focused our efforts on analysing the current customer experience and immediately identified ReZone, Artificial Intelligence Customer Experience Solution, as an innovative driver to be applied in order to

Managing and aggregating large volumes of data from heterogeneous sources

Analysing data using AI/ML algorithms to provide the board with advanced analytics

Thanks to ReZone, we have developed an A.I. Customer Engagement solution that, based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, proximity marketing tools and data analytics, improves the user’s shopping experience in the pharmacy by predicting their needs and recommending suitable products.

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Our solution

We have helped Apoteca Natura to develop its Health & Loyalty System designed to help patients manage their health situation and at the same time allow pharmacists to constantly follow their care pathways, motivating them and advising them on the best solutions.

Through the definition of an APP, the patient can:

Monitor their own data

Receive reminders from their pharmacist

Develop their Patient Journey

The pharmacist, on the other hand, has a dashboard through which they can:

View patient profiles

Analyse preferences

Create profiled marketing campaigns

Benefit achieved

Interpreting data to build value

To consolidate and innovate the relationship between the professional figure of the pharmacist and the patient, through proactive actions by APOTECA NATURA which, following the implementation of the solution we offer, can manage and interpret data of strategic importance for the construction of the customers’ experience.

Thanks to the proposed solution, patients establish a direct link with the pharmacist, receiving the necessary understanding, attention and timely suggestions

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