Infrastructure & Transport

Focus on collaboration

The primary object of the collaboration was to protect the entire Milan-Serravalle network infrastructure

The awarding of this project took place as a result of the participation in a tender organised by Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali Spa.

Our approach

Evolved data protection tools

As this was a cybersecurity, we identified and exploited the potential of the ReSec module of the RePlatform digital and cloud-based platform

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Our solution

Monitoring, control, prevention

The project took the form of the provision of cybersecurity services by Mediatech as a technology partner of Cynet, a world leader in autonomous breach protection systems, capable of consolidating and automating monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration.

Benefit achieved

We have secured corporate value

Through this joint intervention with highly specialised partners, we implemented a data protection system against intrusions and cyber-attacks, guaranteeing the confidentiality of critical information.

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