Did you know that…

The two main causes of loss of business production efficiency stem from:

Inadequate planning of facility utilisation

A high number of unplanned downtimes

How to solve?

ReFab offers state-of-the-art technology designed to:

Process engineering

Improve human-machine interaction

Streamline energy consumption

Secure data and infrastructure

ReFab, Relatech’s end-to-end solution for the smart industry:

How does it work?

Know-how and winning solutions to develop your digitalization journey together:

Business Services and Advisory

Supporting the design of digital technology adoption strategies and roadmaps

Business process assessment and re-engineering services

Development of ERP, MES and BPO solutions verticalized on the industrial sector

BigData Analytics and Dashboards

Data acquisition from heterogeneous sources

Advanced business intelligence tools

KPI measurement of production processes

Predictive analytics on production processes and maintenance

Industrial Automation and Edge Management

SCADA/MES Ignition from Inductive Automation for process control

Industrial devices: PLC and I/O expansion, routers, touchscreen HMIs, protocol converters

IoT Catalyst for the deployment of complete Edge Device management solutions

AR Remote Assistance

Remote Support and Training

Remote Guided Maintenance and Quality Control

Procedures catalog available in AR

Industrial systems security (OT)

Industrial firewalls to protect networks and OT protocols

End-point protection and versioning

H24x7 managed security service (SOC)

Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Data Security (Backup, DR )

Tier4 certified data centers in italy

IT Service Management and Network Monitoring

Fields of action

The highest technology capable of offering hardware and software solutions for process monitoring and control allows us to bring innovation to every industrial sector:

Environmental Monitoring: Air, Water and Sustainability

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

Remote control of communication centres, wind farms and photovoltaic plants

Industrial machinery control

Plant and process monitoring

The added value

Enter the world of Enterprise 4.0, create more agile factories. Through ReFab solution you can:


The efficiency and quality of production


Waste and failures in production processes


Security and business continuity


Access to NRP funding


 The time and cost of maintenance


The use of resources employed

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