Focus on collaboration

Creating a technologically advanced sharing space

IULM University contacted us to fulfil a specific need: to create an integrated system of software, hardware and technological solutions that could become a networking space where technological innovation would create a concrete link between the university and the business world.

Our approach

The project is run with an approach of interaction and collaboration among educational institutions (1ULM), research centres/technology domain holders (Relatech Group) and the public (companies/students) as the driver of the innovation process

As the project’s technology partner and we were responsible for implementing the infrastructure based on hyper-convergent and high-reliability technology, enabling the development of state-of-the-art interfaces for meta-human virtual assistants, chatbots, data visualisation and data handling as well as AR/VR solutions for remote meetings and training.

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Our solution

The aim was to provide students and companies with the opportunity to use, experience, study and understand solutions that fully exploit frontier technologies and the opportunities offered to the University by Al-based applications.

Benefit achieved

Interconnection that creates value

We have supported lULM University, through our core technology business, in the development and creation of lULM ai LAB, a laboratory whose aim is to generate value for the business system and for the country, producing culture and ideas through a model of open dissemination of innovation linked to the potential offered by Artificial Intelligence applied to business.

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