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09/27/2022 The BoD approves the consolidated economic and financial data as of 30 June 2022

09/26/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

09/21/2022 Notice of change in share capital

09/19/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

09/15/2022 Closing for the acquisition of 75% of the share capital of Fair Winds Digital S.r.l.

09/13/2022 Closing for the consolidation of the shareholding in Venticento S.r.l.

09/12/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

09/05/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/29/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/22/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/12/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/08/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/04/2022 Relatech: minutes of meetings relating to the merger by incorporation of Relatech Consulting S.r.l. and Xonne S.r.l. in Relatech S.p.A.

08/01/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

08/01/2022 Relatech: approved the merger by incorporation of Relatech Consulting S.r.l. and Xonne S.r.l. in Relatech S.p.A.

07/28/2022 Relatech: considering certain consolidated economic and financial data at 30 June 2022

07/25/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

07/18/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

07/11/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

07/04/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

07/01/2022 Registration in the Company register of the merger project by incorporation of Relatech Consulting S.r.l. and Xonne S.r.l. in Relatech S.p.A.

06/30/2022 Relatech publishes the 2021 ESG report

06/30/2022 The Relatech Group simplifies the company structure: merger by incorporation of Relatech Consulting S.r.l. and Xonne S.r.l in Relatech S.p.A.

06/27/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

06/20/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

06/20/2022 Notice of change in Share Capital 

06/13/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

06/06/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

5/31/2022 Relatech: consolidates the shareholding in Venticento S.r.l., a company specialized in the offering of cloud and cybersecurity solutions for the enterprise market, getting to hold 51% of the capital

5/31/2022 Consolidated order backlog as at April 30, 2022 growing by 87% equal to euro 20.1 million

5/30/2022 Weekly information purchase of Treasury Sahres

5/23/2022 Relatech: signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Fair Winds Digital S.r.l.

5/23/2022 Weekly Information purchase of Treasury Shares

5/20/2022Relatech closure of the third and last exercise period of the “Warrant Relatech 2019 – 2022”

5/18/2022Relatech verification of the achievement of the objectives set out in the “stock grant plan 2021-2023” incentive plan with reference to the 2021 financial year05/16/2022Relatech weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/04/2022Relatech opening of the last exercise period of the “Warrant Relatech 2019 – 2022” – 9 may 2022 – 20 may 202205/03/2022Relatech examined certain management data consolidated economic-financial statements at march 31, 202204/28/2022Relatech shareholders’ meeting approves the 2021 financial statements04/21/2022Relatech: notice of publication of lists for the appointment of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors04/13/2022Relatech: notice of publication of documents04/12/2022Relatech: notice of publication of documents03/29/2022Relatech: BoD approves 2021 Annual separate Financial Statements and consolidated Financial Statements02/21/2022Relatech: Substantive change02/18/2022Closing of the acquisition of 81,66% of the share capital of EFA Automazione S.p.A., leader in IoT solutions02/10/2022Considering certain cosolidated economic-financial management data as 31 december 202101/28/2022Approval of 2022 financial calendar

09/30/2022 OKT Srl, spin-off of the Relatech Group, participates in the event SuperScienceMe -reSearch is your Resource – Researchers’ night 2022-2023

09/20/2022 Relatech: takes part in Illimity Novas, the first equity conference of Illimity

09/19/2022 Gruppo Relatech – Gruppo SIGLA: SIGLAMoving the mobile app for local transport companies that offers all info-mobility services to users

09/12/2022  Relatech: participates in the IEEE CyberSciTech/ PICom/ DASC/ CDBCom 2022 international conference dedicated to the themes of cyber physical systems, pervasive intelligence and cloud computing, big data, iot, artificial intelligence and metaverso. 12-15 September 2022 Falerna – Calabria

08/02/2022 Relatech Group: Gruppo SIGLA collaborates in the ZHENIT project funded by the Horizon Europe research and innovation program for the implementation of cutting-edge solutions for the construction of zero waste heat ships

07/27/2022 Relatech: collaboration with NIO Cocktails for the implementation of Cloud services for the efficiency of business processes

07/12/2022 Relatech among the companies participating in the South Innovation event – Innovation as an engine of a harmonious and sustainable future for Calabria and the South organized by Entopan and EY in partnership with BPER Banca

06/27/2022 Relatech technological partner of aiac service srl and italian association of football coaches – for the development of an innovative and interactive digital platform for an exclusive customer journey

06/17/2022 Relatech participated, as a partner, at the Smart Conference LaVitaAgile – Circular economy for the relaunch of the Mezzogiorno of MeglioQuesto

06/08/2022 Relatech, through the university spin-off OKT, is the main sponsor of the CyberChallenge.IT initiative in collaboration with DIMES Department of the University of Calabria UNICAL

05/26/2022 Relatech takes parte in the virtual event Euronext Growth Conference of Borsa Italiana

05/25/2022 Relatech Group: renewed the partnership with HMS Networks, world leader for the development of solutions and products in the field of communication IIot

05/25/2022 Relatech Top Management invests more than 2 million euro in the company through the conversion of warrants

05/23/2022 Relatech: takes part in the international IR event German Spring Conference in Frankfurt

05/11/2022Relatech Group: Realtech and EFA Automazione exhibitors at the SPS ITALIA fair – 24-26, May 202205/09/2022Relatech Group exhibitor at Cyber resilience forum, networking event for cybersecurity specialists04/12/2022Relatech Group presents ReSOC, the new Security Operation Center service04/11/2022Relatech: online the web site dedicated to ReSoc, the new Security Operation Center services of the Relatech Group04/07/2022Relatech: scientific and technological ecosystem strengthened with 12.5% participation in the new university spin-off BIGTECH specialized in the development of innovative digital solutions and services, in particular based on artificial intelligence & internet of things technology04/06/2022Relatech platinum sponsor at UMANIa2022, event organised by Università IULM focused on artificial intelligence and its application in marketing and corporate communication.03/28/2022Relatech Group – Gruppo SIGLA: event “Trublo initiatives against disinformation: Media & Digital technolgies” March 29, 2022 online03/22/2022Relatech started collaboration with MOVINLOG for the digitization of systems and the efficiency of business processes03/17/2022Gruppo SIGLA collaborates with the CNR and the University of Genoa in a research activity for the reduction of the impact of traffic on the environment and sustainable development in urban areas, as part of the REACT-EU research doctorate03/10/2022Gruppo SIGLA signs an agreement with the University of Genoa to sponsor the training program aimed at young talented experts in cutting-edge Cybersecurity technology03/03/2022Relatech and Rochet Sharing Company sign a strategic partnership02/09/2022Relatech Group: GRUPPO SIGLA with the FrailCare project wins access to the PCP (pre-commercial procurement) tender of the eCare European project, financed by the European Commission under Horizon 202001/17/2022Relatech Group – GRUPPO SIGLA developed an environmental monitoring solution on LoRaWAN technology

12/29/2021Signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of EFA Automazione11/26/2021Anticipated closing of the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Xonne11/02/2021Notified to Consob the update of the KID on the “Warrant Relatech 2019 – 2022”10/20/2021Considering certain consolidated economic and financial data at 30 September 202109/23/2021The Board of Directors approves the consolidated economic and financial data as of 30 June 202107/30/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/28/2021Consolidated order backlog up 89%, equal to Euro 12.3 million07/23/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/21/2021Considering certain consolidated economic and financial data at 30.06.202107/16/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/09/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/02/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/30/2021Anticipated closing of the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Mediatech06/29/2021Closing of the acquisition of 60% of the share capital of Gruppo SIGLA06/25/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/21/2021Pubblication of the first ESG report06/21/2021Notice of change in share capital06/18/2021Notice of disposal of shares06/18/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/11/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/04/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/28/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/26/2021Notice of substantial change in the shareholder participation05/21/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/21/2021Closure of the second working period of “Relatech Warrant 2019 – 2022”05/21/2021Closing of the acquisition of 60% of the share capital of Dialog Sistemi05/17/2021Long-term understanding for a rights management innovation solution with ITSRIGHT05/14/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/13/2021Signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of Dialog Sistemi s.r.l.05/12/2021Signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of the Gruppo SIGLA s.r.l.05/07/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares04/30/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares04/23/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares04/23/2021The Shareholders Meeting approves 2020 Financial Statement04/22/2021Certain consolidated economic and financial data at 31.03.202104/16/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares04/09/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares04/06/2021Notice of documents publication04/02/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares03/31/2021Extraordinary Shareholders meeting notice03/26/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares03/26/2021New minimum lot size of 525 shares03/24/2021BOD approves the consolidated financial statements and the draft financial statements at 31 Decemeber 202003/19/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares03/12/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/03/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares02/26/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares02/19/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares02/16/2021Relatech approves 2021 revenue budget02/12/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares02/05/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares02/03/2021Considering certain consolidated economic-financial management data as 31 December 202001/29/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares01/22/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares01/21/2021Approval of 2021 financial calendar01/20/2021From 25 January new ISIN (IT0005433740) of share following the split stock01/15/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares01/08/2021Weekly information purchase of treasury shares

12/23/2021Acquisition of the majority stake in Dtok Lab, a university spin-off focused on the development of Big Data analysis solutions on Cloud platforms and High Performance Computing. Scientific and technological ecosystem strengthened12/06/2021Relatech Group: the Company Gruppo SIGLA organizes the Italian Web Conference 2021 “CityScape” which will take place online on 15 December 202112/02/2021Relatech takes part in the investor event “Mid&Small in Milan 2021” organized by Virgilio IR11/23/2021Relatech Group: Gruppo SIGLA takes part in the international conference “EDGE EAI-IOT 2021” dedicated to Intelligent Edge processing and technology applied to the world of smart cities and smart buildings11/04/2021Relatech it is classified among the italian companies “campioni della crescita”10/25/2021Live webinar “The Cloud as an innovative strategy in business processes” on Wednesday 27 October 2021 at 11.30 am10/22/2021Relatech takes part in the IR event “European Midcap Event” organized by Intermonte10/15/2021Relatech takes part in the IR event “Lugano investor day” organized by IRTOP Consulting09/28/2021Relatech takes part in the Retail Business Forum 202109/24/2021Relatech takes part in the event Eccellenze del made in Italy08/03/2021Relatech Group: OKT starts strategic collaboration with Macingo Technologies for the industrial “Research and Experimental Development project Secure Open Nets” (“SON”)07/29/2021Partnership between Relatech and MeglioQuesto for the digitalization of the customer experience & engagement multichannel platform07/13/2021Relatech started a collaboration with Basco, for the implementation of Cloud services for the efficiency of business processes07/09/2021Relatech exhibitor at Richmond Future Factory Forum 2021,exclusive networking event for specialists in the industry4.0 sector07/06/2021The Relatech Group wins with Meditech the tender in the field of cybersecurity ordered by Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali SpA07/05/2021Relatech Group brings technology in the world of art06/22/2021Attend the web conference Investor day in Vienna of Polystems Hir on 23 june, 202106/15/2021Gold Partnership strengthened with Cynet, leader company in cybersecurity05/26/2021Relatech takes part in the virtual edition of AIM Italia Conference 2021 of Borsa Italiana05/19/2021Relatech takes part in the first edition of Tech Sector Day virtual event organized by Intermonte05/18/2021Participation in the AIM Retail investor day organized by IR TOP CONSULTING05/17/2021Relatech takes part in the German Spring Conference 202104/27/2021Collaboration with a leading Group in the finance&banking sector04/16/2021Relatech takes part in the European Smallcap virtual event03/16/2021Relatech expands the perimeter of technological partnerships with RedHat certification03/16/2021Partnership agreement signed with primeur, leader company in data integration and GDPR compliance03/15/2021Relatech live event Cloud Transformation: Security First01/19/2021The Group strengthens its presence on the market as a provider of Cloud security solutions

12/30/2020The shareholders’ meeting approves stock split and new buyback plan12/30/2020A partnership agreement signed with Cynet, a world leading company in cybersecurity12/28/2020Increase of recurring revenues with cloud and cybersecurity. Signed agreement for a duration of 5 year with the multinacional company Metra S.p.A. for the supply of innovative digital solutions in Cloud with its own data center12/14/2020Continues in the path of growth with strengthening operations of the organizational structure and resources loyalty11/27/2020Communication of change in share capital11/27/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares11/20/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares11/13/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares11/06/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares11/02/2020Communication of change in share capital and significant shareholding change11/02/2020Notice of substantial change in the partipation Kairos SGR S.p.A.10/30/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares10/28/2020Eles S.p.A. agreement formalized. Eles enhances the R.E.T.E. offer starting the Digitization process of its business model based on Servitization: Sells Solutions and Delivers Results. Relatech provides its vertical solution ReFab4.0 created specifically for the Industry4.0 sector and the know-how in AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning & Big Dara analysis10/27/2020Examined certain consolidated data to 30 September 202010/23/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares10/16/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares10/13/2020Financial events calendar. Investor relations activities intesified for the next quarter 202010/09/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares11/02/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares09/25/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares09/23/2020The BoD approves the consolidated economic-financial data as at 30 June 202009/18/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares09/11/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares09/04/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares08/28/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares08/21/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares08/14/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares08/07/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares08/06/2020New strategic agreement signed between Mediatech and Indena S.p.A. for the implementation of Cloud Nutanix technology within its own information systems07/31/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/30/2020The Ministry of Economic Development approves the project “Catch 4.o An Intelligent Consumer -Centric Approach To Manage Engagements, Contents & Insights” with three-year Concession Decree in favor of Ithea S.r.l. Spin-Off the Relatech S.p.A. Group07/24/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/23/2020The Ministry of Economic Development approves the “Validated Question Answering” project07/20/2020The growth strategy continues with the M&A of 53,50% of Xonne Srl, leading Innovative SME for augmented and virtual reality solutions 07/17/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares07/14/2020Certain consolidated data examined as of June 30, 202007/10/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury sharesJuly 07/08/2020Notice of substantial change in the participation of Kairos SGR S.p.A.July 3rd 2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/26/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/26/2020Kid Update notified to Consob on Warrant Relatech 2019 – 202206/23/2020Closing of the acquisition of 60% of the share capital of Mediatech, leading company in cloud and cybersecurity solutions06/22/2020Notice of change in share capital and change in significant participation06/19/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/12/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/05/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares06/03/2020 The growth path continues. Binding agreement for the acquisition of 60% of Mediatech, leading company in cloud solutions and cybersecurity05/29/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/28/2020Kairos Partners SGR S.p.A. exceeds the relevance threshold of 5%05/27/2020Develops for Bruni Glass, international customer leader in the world of design packaging, an innovative digital solution for “Procurement & Budget Management” in support of the decision-making, business intelligence and performance management process05/22/2020Closing of the fist working period of “Relatech Warrant 2019 – 2022”. Practice n. 2,941,414 Warrants and subscribed n. 1,470,707 newly issued ordinary shares for a total of € 3,470,868.5205/22/2020Weekly information purchase of treasury shares05/15/2020The Board of Relatech S.p.A. resolves the start of the purchase of treasury shares up to a maximun of 1,500,00 euros. Nominated for co-option as new administrator Dr. Gianni Franco Papa05/07/2020The assembly approves the 2019 Financial Statements and authorizes the purchase and disposal of treasury shares for a maximun amount of 1,500,000 Euros05/04/2020Recognized tax credit of 500 thousand euro in respect of balance sheet for the current year04/28/2020Examined some consolidated data as of March 31st, 202004/21/2020Relatech agreement with Logisan S.p.A., active in the ditribution of pharmaceutical and hospital products in supply to different departments, from first aid to intensive therapy and sanitary products of primary need against Covid-1904/16/2020Ministry of Economic development approves the “True Detective 4.0” project with a three-year concession decree to Relatech S.p.A.04/14/2020Relatech announces the publication of a corporate study04/07/2020BoD approves draft budget and consolidated financial statements at 31st December 201903/31/2020Integration of the Company’s financial events calendar. Investor Relations activity intensified with quarterly disclosure of certain economic and financial data03/26/2020Relatech and Apoteca Natura (the first network benefit of pharmacies in the word) together against COVID-1903/24/2020Relatech confirms to be fully operational: Cloud and Cybersecurity guarantee stable, flexible and safe working platforms for business continuity03/20/2020Weekly disclosure purchase of treasury shares 03/18/2020Partnership with a leading international group active in the transport and logistics sector03/11/2020Errata Corrige – “Voluntary partial tender offer on treasury shares. Definitive results” of March10th 202003/10/2020Voluntary partial tender offer on treasury shares. Definitive results at March 10th 2020

Previous press releases were published only in Italian (see “comunicati stampa” page)

12/03/20203 years agreement sIgned for the cloud management of the antivirus security of Idroterm s.r.l. company specilized in the marketing of wellness and hidrothermal sanitary items12/02/2020Participates at the virtual investor event Mid&Small in Milan 2020 11/27/2020Relatech S.p.A. Innovative advanced traceability system for the monitoring of the agri-food chain at the service of consumers, SISTABENE project, developed by Ithea of the Relatech Group in collaboration with Universities and research centers and with Torre di Mezzo Group, presented at the event Notte dei Ricercatori 2020 “SuperScienceMe – Research is your REvolution”11/20/2020“Relatech X” Live virtual Webinar November 30, 2020 at 4.00 pm11/17/2020The “Relatech X” virtual event will take place on November 30, 202011/16/2020Agreement signed for a duration of 5 years for the Cloud management of èkasa E-business platform11/13/2020Takes part in the virtual event Digital Tech Data Channel Summit 2020 with its ReFab4.0, AIoT Predictive Maintenance solution11/05/2020Participation in the investor event “NEXT GEMs” virtual version11/04/2020Signed agreement with SISMAITALIA, for the implementation of business application of Oracle NetSuite10/20/2020Participation in Smau Milano 2020, event dedicated to Open Innovation10/14/2020Signed binding agreement with a duration of 5 years for the cloud management of the E-business platform of Marchesani S.p.A., a leading company in the world of fashion10/07/2020Relatech releases the new version of ReFab4.009/30/2020Strategic collaboration with Chili S.p.A. for the indutrial research and experimental development project Catch4.009/28/2020Relatech webinar 29th september 2020 12 p.m. “Find out how to predict possible anomalies in production processes”09/25/2020Participes in the VII edition of the AIM Investor Day organized by Ir Top Consulting09/18/2020OKT S.r.l. Seminar “Automation of vulnerability exploitation and strategies used in Capture the flag competitions”09/11/2020The advanced Scientific Research of the Relatech Group at the service of innovative systems for the early identification of biomarkers08/28/2020Xonne, a Relatech Group Company and innovative SME, leader in virtual and augmented reality solutions, has develped the app Museo Digitale Diffuso del Ciclismo with the patronage of Rai, Gazzetta dello Sport gruppo RCS and Federazione ciclistica italiana07/03/2020Participated, as the only Italian company, in the investor event “Virtual 1on1 Summer Summit 2020”, virtual edition of the annual German Spring Conference in Frankfurt07/01/2020OKT s.r.l., spin-off of Relatech Group, takes part in the conference “the richness of sharing: the network of spin-off companies towards l4.0” organized by the University of Calabria 06/19/2020Participates in the Smart Tech & Industrial AIM oganized by IR Top Consulting05/07/2020Foreign sales growth continues: an international customer of primary standing in the Telco sector for the functional expansion of Oraclee-Business Suite Solutions03/30/2020Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning for the Automation and Efficiency of core processes in the Utilities sector03/18/2020Partnership with a leading international group active in the transport and logistics sector

Previous press releases were published only in Italian (see “comunicati stampa” page)