Innovation In Technology

Relatech S.p.A. is a Digital Solution Company on the market with innovative solutions for the digitalization of businesses. Relatech is an Innovative SME focused on customers who are looking for innovative solutions and who invest more in digitalization, becoming a strategic partner for them. Relatech has always been committed to an innovation strategy thanks to constant internal R&D and participation in research activities in partnership with universities and research bodies. Thanks to its digital RePlatform platform, it develops solutions in the four fastest growing technological areas: digital customer experience and marketing automation, artificial intelligence and big data analytics, cybersecurity and blockchain, internet of things and industry 4.0.

Euronext Growth Advisor


Audit Company

SDIR and Storage

For the transmission of Regulated Information, the Company uses as a ditribution system eMarket SDIR managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A., headquarters in Foro Buonaparte 10, Milan.

Financial Instrument

(ISIN IT0005433740)
Minimum trading lot:

Registered Capital and Shareholding (uptodate to 09/01/2023)

The capital of Relatech S.p.A. is of  no. 43,352,973 Shares, equal to 215,079,59 Euro fully subscribed and paid, without nominal value.

Disclosure Requirements of Significant Shareholders

Pursuant to AIM Italia Regulation, anyone who holds at least 5% of a category of financial instruments of Relatech S.p.A. he is a “Significant Shareholder”.

Shareholders have to communicate, whether they exceed increasing or decreasing, of participation of 5% of the Issuer’s share capital,

i.e. the achievement or exceeding of the 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6%, and 90% of the Issuer’s share capital (“Significant Equity Investments”), or reductions below these thresholds, and a related suspension of voting rights on the Shares and financial instruments for which the communication was omitted in the event of failure to notify the Board of Directors of changes in Significant Participants.

To this end, within 4 trading days, starting from the day on which the transaction was made, that led to the Substantial Change, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to Relatech S.p.A:

  1. Identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
  2. the date on which Relatech S.p.A. has been informed;
  3. the date on which the Substantial Change of the investments took place;
  4. the price, amount and category of Relatech S.p.A. financial instrument involved;
  5. Operation nature;
  6.  nature and extent of the participation of the Significant Shareholder in the transaction;
  7. if the press release concerns a financial product whose value, in whole or in part, is determined directly or indirectly, in relation to the price of Relatech financial instruments involved, detailed information on the nature of these exposures.

The communication must be made using the attached form, sent in advance via e-mail to and subsequently to